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Artlabs is an AI-powered 3D company defining itself as an art laboratory, helping brands enhance their core business metrics by interacting with artificial intelligence in 3D designs. They increase sales conversion rates and shorten the time for collaborations to enter the market with the technologies they use.

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Opening a portal to a new universe

The Artlabs team reached out to us for the renewal process of their brand and website, aligning with their growth targets. We first performed a workshop in the project in which we planned a close working process with the team and the founders. In this study, we created a detailed brief by discussing the far and near goals of the brand, its character traits and the positioning of the brand.

Brand Identity Design

Artlabs, a company interested in next-gen topics such as NRF, 3D, augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI), operates in multiple sectors. By renewing this versatility, we brought the 3D element to the logo with a modern and bold approach. Taking inspiration from the arrow form, we symbolized the future and rising. We prepared a resource summarizing key points that would guide the brand's future status, communication, and position in digital channels, including the logo, color, typography, icons, and identity components.

Website Design

To create a user-centered design with a strong concept, we strated competitor analyzes. We synthesized the working areas and value propositions of competitors. Then, focusing on the project's atmosphere, we decided on the language to adopt for the transition to the new world using different mood boards.

Opting for a futuristic concept, we designed the site map and navigation for the website. While strengthening the marketing goals with sector-specific pages, we made the content more wastable with 3D icons supporting the narrative of the content. Leading the visual works in coordination with the Artlabs team, we handled the art direction.

UI Style Guideline

We categorized design elements that complement each other and presented them as a guide in our design system. From fonts to type size, colors to icons and button actions, we prepared all necessary elements to be ready for the software team's easy use. With this flexible and consistent system, we facilitated the implementation of innovations and updates.

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We love remote working.

© FUHA Tasarım Hizmetleri A.Ş. All rights reserved. Images and texts cannot be used without permission.

We love remote working.