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RUUT is a fintech company founded in 2019 by Işbank Group based in Germany. The company operates with the aim of offering innovative and profitable financial products for the European market. In addition, it benefits from its digital banking experience. RUUT provides services on transactions such as cross-border and domestic money transfers, payments, bank's drafts, creating investment accounts to Turkey and the SEPA Region with user-friendly reliable solutions.

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2022 & 2023

The new generation of cross-border digital banking

For RUUT, which removes borders, we have prepared a brand identity study as a result of our cooperation with Primer, which conducts the strategy study.In this project, we have created a new generation experience by preparing user interface designs besides logo, color, typography.

Identity reformatted by removing borders

We know that immigrant communities are bicultural. We have exemplified the diversity of these communities that are taking root and expanding their borders at the same. Then, we emphasized the feeling of ”you“ with the letter ”u" in the logo. We wanted to show that we shaped our identity while expressing ourselves. In the logo with sharp lines, we wanted to highlight the limits that RUUT has removed. At the end, we have clarified the boundaries of the logo with a sense of migrating and protecting the identity that has developed under its influence.

Brand book prepared with cooperation

The Primer team focused on the values, voice, name and story of the brand in this project. In our cooperation, we have determined the design standards by creating logo, color palette, typography and corporate identity materials. We have prepared a detailed brand book containing strategic and brand identity elements.

UI Design

We considered the target audience and functionality of the project in accordance with the brand identity. At the same time, we have worked on an original and remarkable visuality aimed at meeting the expectations of users.

Design System

In order to to ensure the consistency of the design, we have determined the color palette and typography rules. We have prepared elements, components, page structures and variants and delivered them as documents. We have specified explanations about the components to be used in the design system and how and for what purpose the style will be used.

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We love remote working.

© FUHA Tasarım Hizmetleri A.Ş. All rights reserved. Images and texts cannot be used without permission.

We love remote working.