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Founded in Izmir in 1958, Barçın has been providing services to sports enthusiasts with care for many years. It is an e-commerce brand that offers the most popular products for sale in sportswear and accessories retailing and brings them together with users. It is an authorized dealer of many well-known sports brands around the world, such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Columbia and Reebok. In addition to its online sales channel, it also delivers sports products to a large mass throughout Turkey from its brick and mortar shop.

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UI Design

Design System


Long-Term Service




2022 - ….

An e-commerce experience designed from end to end

We have designed an end-to-end e-commerce experience in all flows on the website we designed in accordance with the identity we renewed. We have created a roadmap by examining the insights collected by the brand, feedback from users and competitor analysis in detail. In the final, we delivered the project by following the calendar to the Barcin team we worked with in harmony. We continue to improve the project with UX Audit and A/B tests.

Brand positioning in which the past is modernized

We aimed to position a stylish and reliable brand that also meets the needs of daily life for Barçın, which is focused on sports equipment. In achieving a target, we have used the logo that Barçın used many years ago by modernizing it again. We have renewed the color and typography elements in the logo we drew pixel-perfect. By preparing the designs of traditional and digital products, we have prepared the materials in which we protect the integrity of the design and support the brand.

User experience supported by strategy

We set the goals of the project, the perception we want to create in the users in our workshop with Barçın. By taking these titles into our focus, we have created a strategy in which we prioritize brand and user experience. We have continued our expert opinion support throughout the project. We have worked for an easy-to-use, understandable and reliable experience throughout the entire process.

UI Design

We started the interface design by determining the details that will help the design to function properly at different resolutions and have a web and mobile appearance. At Barçın which includes more than one brand, we wanted to help the user to make quick and easy decisions. We have created flows where filtered products are easily found and the purchase process is completed smoothly. We have approached the design elements integrally and applied them to the design.

Design System & Prototyping

By prototyping the design, we offered a real experience in web and mobile views before moving to the development step. While all the actions, processes, and choices were working at the prototype step, we created and delivered a design system that development and design teams could easily use.

Data-driven growth

We consider the goals of "easy use and increasing sales", which are the main focus of e-commerce projects, from the point of view of user experience. We are continuing our work to bring to a better point.

Together with our data-oriented growth partner, we organize testing processes and prepare result oriented designs by considering user movements.

What can we do for you?

We can carry out the design processes of your product or project together from start to finish. You can contact us to talk about what we can do about your project.


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We love remote working.

© FUHA Tasarım Hizmetleri A.Ş. All rights reserved. Images and texts cannot be used without permission.

We love remote working.